Do you bake or have a baking passion?

Have you got a bakery that you can help customers, and onlookers see that you have the tastiest treats in town?

Use these 7 tricks to get your presence on social media!

1. Have your secret batch whipped up and show how you mix up and bake your shop’s tastiest treats.

2. Save your food from disaster and teach techniques on how to do this in food.

3. Do you cooking lessons for kids and take payment a week in advance! You can start with the basics and progress up to a certain stage. You can host this on Facebook rooms either 1 on 1 or as a group session or on Zoom.

4. Help teach those with little to none cooking skills with simple ingredients to make tasty dishes, this could be inspired by your hometown or culture from where you are from or your parents are from.

5. Do recipes from other continents.

6. Remake content from other food channels and display on Facebook videos, IG stories, Instagram images, your website, YouTube, and Pinterest.

7. Make cool cakes end display them on your website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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