In the past social media has been labelled as negative and having a damaging effect on our emotional wellbeing, but a new study has found that consuming information on social media can a positive effect on our mental health. How?

As we know social media whether good or bad has an effect on our mood.

A study showed that participants that were aged between 18 and 25 and did not have any diagnosed mental health conditions had their moods drop after 20 minutes of passive scrolling.

However, if ones were using social media in an active way – sharing photos, commenting on pictures and engaging with the platform, this increased their mood.

Active consumption may be connecting with family and friends through sharing a photo of our latest lockdown adventures. We can engage with one of our friend’s posts to keep in touch and this can develop a sense of belonging for others and those who we talk to.

Passive scrolling can have the ability to subconsciously change our mood and cause it to have dips. This could be due to the fact that we might be unfavourably comparing ourselves to others and their lifestyles which could be in fact fake.

Social media has for some become a way to avoid or distract them from completing daily tasks and life, which can cause a numbing effect on how we deal with our emotions.

We should go on social media with a purpose and not just aimlessly scrolling as this will be better for our mental health.

Think about what you would like to achieve out of the social media scroll and this will help your time be spent more wisely and it will be more beneficial for all.

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