Lizzy Capri is a social influencer and cofounder of Team RAR. Even though Capri has been faced with a drop of influencer content of 35% to 4% from February to April she is still thriving in this industry.

She uses her brand to help a charity company (The Thirst Project) that provides fresh clean water to poverty-stricken countries and communities worldwide.

Her experience in the social media industry has taught her many things about this area of work and she has some tips to help you increase your followers to make your name become known.

1. Post content on a regular basis

When you post regularly you show that you are reliable and that you have an interest in you customers/clients. Capri says her team posts two to three videos weekly.

2. Aim to work on more effective content and not putting too much effort into non-efficient work

Even though social media platforms are full of people trying to do the same thing as you, you can use these competitors to see what their doing and adapt it to your company and add your USP to it. These can be used as a trial and error post to see if it works with your audience.

3. Use what works to build your brand off

As time goes on you’ll begin to see what works for your brand and audience. You can then use these kinds of posts to spark interest and to build a want for you brand.

Capri concludes by saying, “Everyone has a voice, I want to inspire my young followers to use theirs whenever they see an issue in the world because it’s our generation that will hopefully solve some of these issues.”

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