Having innovation in your business can prove to be a challenge, especially if you continue to use the same method to clients or customers and there is no growth in sales or popularity.

How can you develop innovation in your business plan that continuously produces the best results with new products, or services but even your existing ones as well?

Could you implement some of these ideas?

Ask customers about their opinion. Ask customers how the product, service or business could improve. Listen to the requests and see which ones are realistic and will actually improve your business.

Copy someone else’s idea. Take the best out of another company and incorporate it into your business to excel! Do a trial run and if it works put this in your business plan.

Observe customers. Do not just ask them. Set up audits on your products and services and what sells and what does not and what you could also sell as well.

Could you make your website or product easier to use or find? Could you do a deal that will help customers find it more attractive? Or even retract something from the product or service?

Ask your employees or visitors. Challenge the ones who work for your business. Ask them how the business could improve as they are on the front line, and deal with many issues that could be ironed out. By doing this would in fact improve your customer service and happiness at work.

Complaints. Complaints help you see what training, products or services need to be improved. Could you speak one to one with the customer and take their valuable imput and use this for good?

Have goals. Where do you want your business to be in the next year to five years? Do your employees have the right tools to get them there? Have they got the right leadership to get them to those goals set? All these important questions will help them to achieve massive achievements in the business.

Collaborate. Choose businesses that will help your business expand. What can you utilise that will bring both companies profit?

Run brainstorms. Nothing better than making history on a whiteboard. And there are no wrong answers just different ideas.

Competitions and Contests. Get the public to do all the hard work for you. Ask them what products they would like to see, what should be invented for certain problems in your niche.

Watch others in your niche. Adapt their ideas into better posts or ideas. This way you will get more of the target audience from your chosen niche.

Check prvious work. What worked? Can you resurrect products or services that you could freshen up and make it work again?

USE SOCIAL MEDIA. Follow trends and ask questions in groups on Twitter and Facebook. TIP – make time to respond to comments.

Outsource. Can you get a subcontractor to help you with work? This will put less pressure on the business and help the business to grow.

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