Running a business can be difficult in this day and age, everything is run by computers and if you don’t have a website or social media then sadly you’re not going to have much business.

By doing research you can see that it isn’t that hard anymore to have a social media presence online, the more difficult thing is to have an effective one.

Using analytics and conversion tracking can really help you gauge where you are and how you can improve, when doing this you will increase these 5 areas.

  1. Gain in customers

When you analyse your program you can see which aspects of it are most popular and maximise them. This will help bring in more customers and make existing ones more satisfied. You can also track which leads have the best potential and convert them into customers.

2. Return of Investment (ROI)

By using analytics and conversion tracking can help you reduce the time being spent on non-productive areas of your business and increase the focus on the profitable areas. This will increase your ROI.

3. Geographical consumption

You will be able to see where your most sales are coming from in the world. This enables you to work where you can try and branch out to. For example, if most of your sales are in the UK try and see if you can bring something out that appeals to other countries as well get noticed everywhere.

4. What on your website/social media works

You can see which post or what aspects of your website work with bringing customers and what don’t. When you get the most response on a certain post keep that in mind, and post more similar ones such as this but not much because it can become ineffective. You can also see where you need to improve and what’s not working for people.

5. Recognise what sells the best

Work out which items sell the best and what doesn’t, promote the best seller even more so they become a showcase as it were. This will help spread your products and make a bigger name for yourself.

After you analyse and do these 5 things your business and social media presence will improve rapidly.

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