Sell more within this Lockdown! A lot of business are finding it hard to sell their product or service, and it is becoming more difficult due to the pandemic and further lockdowns.

Although it has helped to create more stores it has created another online issue, which is being able to use advertisements to target the right target audience.

How many businesses you ask has this increased by? A whopping 62% in the short time span of March – April 2020.

How can you stand out as different?

The top 5 best strategies for you as a business to follow are:

1- Keep your customers engaged on your social media profiles by using Reels, IGTV and Stories. Use these to build and retain audiences as this is essentially another way to get new audiences to see your business.

Make sure that your content is not robotic or meaningless, you want to capture the problem that your audiences are facing and head on that issue by providing the solution with your product or services.

Show behind the scenes, on how you try to solve problems that your team faces when having to solve problems in giving out services or products. You will gain personal connections with the audience and they will be able to sympathise with the business if something goes wrong.

2- Have Micro-Influences! Pick ones with 1000+ audiences as this helps them feel more trustworthy to the audience that you are trying to reach as they are more believable.

Micro-influencers help shed light onto a problem and show that anyone can buy this product or service and it will do as the product or service says it will. Thus giving your business more creditability.

3- Have a messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger!

Use messenger as it is the second-largest platform to contact audiences on that are wanting to connect with your business. This helps when you do not have the added manpower to reply to easy straight forward questions that are asked every day.

Get an automation bot to help you out with these questions to free up some much needed time, and provide answers that will help your customers buy quicker, as they are not having to wait for a response time. Time is Money.

4- Platforms can intergrate together. Platforms such as Mailchimp, Facebook and Instagram can be linked together to get the most out of the business and the audiences that are attracted to you.

This makes the conversion rate and time quicker as you will be able to target faster and redirect ones back to your business and make more SALES!!!!

5- Retarget your existing customers. Even if they have brought from your business before you still want them to continue being a long term customer than a short term customer.

Has the customer or client commented on a product or added a service or products in their cart? Retarget them to get that sale.

On Facebook, you can use Pixels to track purchases, or near sales so that you can create an advert to retarget these ones, meaning less missed opportunities and more profit for your business.

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