Do you feel that since the lockdown you have not been able to get on track with work as you did before in your workplace?

Now after weeks of trying to find the right method for you to work at home consistently and productively you have sort of given up. And you’re thinking how can you consistently keep your Monday mojo motivation?

Follow our 9 Tips on how to keep your Monday motivation by avoiding these 9 anxiety causers!

1. Mute all unnecessary apps that notify you with pointless messages to grab your attention! Or even do a quick spruce up and delete all those apps that you no longer use and are eating up your memory. You’ll be surprised at how many you do not actively use anymore. Once you have done these two methods organise your apps to the second page of your home screen, from there put them into named folders such as Entertainment, Financial, Food, Health, Music, News, Games, Recreational. By applying this you will adjust how your phone operates for you.

2. Smells cause distractions, this could be because they are associated with a deeply connected memory that we are unaware we have stored. This could be distracting your concentration without you realising. Make scents that remind you of working or get new scents for your working environments when you need to work put on that smell. Eventually, your brain will associate that smell with that hard work action.

3. Your Insane Pinging Inbox can interrupt you from making progress in your important tasks that you are trying to complete within a certain time span. Make sure you have set times to check your inbox or have settings on your inbox that only inform you of important people such as internal staff or external clients. Get into good habits when you have completed an email move this to it’s designated folder in your email.

4. Your (lack of) physical movements throughout the day can cause you to become sluggish and stressed. When you exercise you get all the benefits from exercising such as:

  • You feel happier
  • It helps with weight loss
  • It is good for your muscles and bones
  • Can increase your day to day energy levels
  • Reduce your risk of chronic diseases
  • Improve your skin health
  • Enhance your brain health and memory
  • Make you more relaxed and your sleep quality

5. Declutter those photos, if your phone has more than the 1000’s you know it’s not healthy for your phone’s battery life, it’s time to start deleting. Can you delete those phone recordings and screenshots that you have taken to show your friends who didn’t have those accounts? The answer will probably be a resounding YES.

6. Your really not organised contact list, can cause your personal phone if you use this as your work phone to have stored multiple emails on contact numbers. You might casually look through your phone one day and see that you hardly know any of the contacts you have stored on your phone. Review, and delete all unrelivant contacts that are taking up valuable space!

7. Save that thought! Can you write it down so you are not constantly thinking that you need to do that task? This way you can come to that when you are able to and not when your mind randomly reminds you. If you don’t like simple paper notes you can digitalise to the 21st century! We use a very effective system called Trello that can help you remember notes put information, comments, timers and documents into a board that helps you achieve tasks.

8. Is your workspace as consistant as that morning beverage? No? See if you can find a place that you can call your own! Could it be the kitchen, the bedroom with that new makeshift office Argos table? Having a consistent area or work makes your brain release you are working now and not relaxing. Try having your work area visible on your desk and stationery to help you focus and not have to break off from distractions because your work gear is everywhere in the house. Work in a natural light area, colour and light stimulate the brain to get things done. Perhaps get those blue light reducing glasses you’ve always wanted from Instagram.

9. Not pajamas again! Lockdown has caused the majority of office workers to work in their pajamas, and yes it might have been great at first but now it’s becoming an excuse to feeling lazy and maybe even a bit grossed out. Have a change of clothing this helps the brain have a change of thought and direction in your working environment. Have a set time to get out of your pj’s in the morning, then wear your active gear to go do a productive workout, eat a healthy lunch, shower, and change into your smart casual clothes to finish off the rest of your professional day.

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