It’s the big count down before the next lockdown, and you might be feeling that this time your business might not be able to get through this next hurdle.

Are you thinking how can you get through this next challenge until December?

How about some tips on how to improve your productivity?

  1. Schedule your results within a time span. For example write a blog between 1pm – 3pm, this way it will feel like you have already acomplished this task.
  2. Use the mornings for the hardest or most important tasks. In the morning you are more refreshed your mind is clear and focused as it is at it peak brain power. Do not leave it to the last minute of the day or to tomorrow.
  3. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than you normally would. Why? More sleep the better right? Actually no, if you are not a morning person it will help ease you into the day instead of rushing and causing a flap.
  4. Create a morning routine, have some structure! Start your day off productive! How you ask? Play a podcast or two, meditate, exercise or even write your thoughts in a journal.
  5. Time-block your schedule. Schedule in more time than needed for a project or task that needs to be done. Schedule easy bite chunks for other activities in around your day. BUT make sure you take breaks.
  6. Work in batches. Split up different tasks in different days. For example do posts for Social Media Help for Tuesday – Monday the next week, that way you can focus other things throught the week.
  7. Know your schedule! Stick to your schedule and do not side track, this will cause undue stress. Spend 15 minutes not justv reviewing your day but the rest of the week to make sure you have not missed something out and that you do not clash with other things.
  8. Prodctivity only comes with planning, so make sure you do this before the next week arrives so you can continue to be productive!

Be productive in your social media as well! How can you help your creative juices flow?

  1. Use everything in life as inspiration. This can include competitors, other niche businesses and even that idea that just came when you went on a walk!
  2. Learn new things and techniques to help your business be seen. Get that thinking cap on!
  3. Listen to podcasts, gain knowledge from people who have already done all the hard work.
  4. Explore new techniques that social media has to offer.
  5. Set small achievable goals, only then will you see progress.

We want to hear your story, and what you have achieved over the 1st lockdown period!

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