How can you make sure that your online following continues with you on your journey? Use these tips to make sure that your customers don’t fizzle out after the 4th July 2020 when you re-open your doors.

Grow your views and visits to your store by:

Making live IG Stories, get the customers involved in simple decisions in the business! You could even have a competition regarding ones winning a free make over and letting others see that amazing transformation.

Get willing volunteers off of the street to have a service done professionally and show why your business grew in the first place.

Show how to save an individual from a diaster that has befalled them if they did this from home.

Make sure you promote products that enhance their experience with your service.

Have a before and after section on your posts and on your website, with testimonials underneath reaffirming your skills and profession.

Inform customers of new policies that are now in place due to the pandemic, and what effective steps that you are taking to ensure the safety of the customers and your staff.

Make sure you display your opening times, how many people are allowed in at once, if they need to pre-book, if there has been a cancellation, what measures will be taken if customers do not follow the new government rules.

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