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Facebook Stories CHANGE!

Here we have the latest feature that Facebook is incorporating into its stories.
You can choose what best suits your mood by capturing it in the desired meme gif.

Another thing to remember is that you can also add text and drawing around the mood meme Gif, ensuring you can get the most out of your story.

* And the best bit is that the Gif plays in your story within the confinements of the box.*

Make sure that you use this in your stories in your business as it will get loads of engagement.

Facebook Photos are 3D? ?

You can now make your images 3D with 3D photo on your status update. 

You can do this either on mobile or on your laptop/computer with minimal effort!

If you are wanting to show your workspace or what your workspace looks like at home, make sure you use this feature to promote your business further! Get the people involved!

Instagram What?

If you are an active user on Instagram, you will know the struggle of responding to direct messages from your mobile, as there was no computer access!

Instagram has now made it possible for you to do this option.

By clicking the arrow button on the top bar next to the home bottom on the top right-hand corner, it has the same layout as the Facebook layout when responding to messages.

Saturday Surprise – Our New Website!

We have been planning this change for quite some time, and decided that April was the best time for Social Media Help to stop saying and start doing!

It was an all-round decision to make Social Media Help more affordable and easier for businesses to choose which social media they wanted to zone into, as we know different businesses do well on different platforms.

Especially in this time of uncertainty and not knowing if your business will be able to spend as much as normal.

We kept the 3 brand colours as the consistent theme throughout the website as it gives a cool, exciting and easy flowing feel to the website which is visually pleasing to the eyes. (which we all look for in every website without realising)

We would also love your feedback so we can see if you love the changes as much as we do! Please email us on

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