We thought that for sewing machine day we would help businesses whether they are in the fashion industry, a tailor, or a seamstress.

We want to help them with successful business tips that they could use throughout their content, but also as well practical steps and how to keep the audience engaged.

One point you could do is to offer sewing tips will help you to keep your audience engaged informed and it will help you to have an audience that is wanted to see more and eager to see more.

Second point to do is to offer LIVE practice sessions for beginners and charge for teaching them how to develop this skill.

Third point is to create advanced sessions for those who are needing either work placements or extra lessons to get accepted into uni.

The fourth point is to create a how-to video playlist on either YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or on all of these platforms. Help people reuse their clothing that they have forgotten about.

To get help completing this in your social media plan, contact us either on our inquries box below or on our email info@socialmedia-help.co.uk .

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