Alot of questions lay around this topic but the answer is no, you are not able to merge any accounts together.

You are in fact able to :

1. Pin all the pins from account A into account B and delete account A. You will need to remember to pin again all of the pins in account B, don’t Repin from A the account to B account as it will delete the pins you have just attached B to.

2. Invite account B to manage/share all the boards in account A. And just let the account A be inactive. Then when you have done that, just use account B from onwards. But don’t delete account A.

3. And third, and probably the fastest way is to use a third-party app to do what I said in point 1 which is to pin all the pins from one account to another. These apps export pins from the A account and let you pin the same on another account, which will be B.

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