As a business do you wonder what social media platforms you could tap into that would be great for your niche, and that would attract more customers? Are you struggling to get noticed and viewed as one of the main leaders of your profession?

Here are 13 social media platforms you could use now that could help your business thrive.

1- Facebook is the biggest social media platform around, you will want to get your business on here as it has a whopping 2.6 billion people using it every month, and more than 90 million businesses using Facebook Pages. This is a must for businesses as Facebook is one of the lead business platforms. All businesses should have a Facebook business page!

Facebook logo on a screen.

2- YouTube has the second biggest revenue of people, as it holds up to 1.9 billion monthly active users. If your business has a lot of videos whether that is a swimming business, products, reviewing products, fashion influencer, food taster, chef, or even DIY videos, you can add these videos on YouTube and earn money by just posting.

Even if you feel your products do not warrant a video, you could if you were a shop offer to show ones how to get there by a video guide. Or even how to use your products or how to set them up straight from the packaging. This is all valuable content for your customers or clients.

YouTube logo on an phone, in a mans hand.

3- Have a separate number for your WhatsApp Business! WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion monthly active users and companies are now producing real-time chats with customers or clients and seeing the potential in this. And this is a great idea as some like to do everything on text messages and not on email. Keeping on trends will help your business be up to date and customers/clients will jump on this as they will want to be following the new trends.

What can you do on WhatsApp? You can provide customer support, and share updates with customers about their purchases. For small businesses, it has built the WhatsApp Business app while for medium and large businesses, there’s the WhatsApp Business API.

4- Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly active users! No surprise there as they are the main business social platform to be on. On this app, it would be wise to create automatic responses to ones who join your page and those who want more answers to questions about your business or even FAQ’s.

Facebook Messenger

5- WeChat welcomes over 1.17 billion monthly active users! You can use WeChat like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, as their features have been integrated into this all-in-one platform. Not only does it have the feature of messaging and calling, but users can also use the WeChat to shop online and make payments offline, transfer money, make those reservations, book taxis, and more. I think the more important question you have just asked yourself is why haven’t I downloaded it already?

WeChat app logo.

6- Instagram comes at number 6, with 1 billion monthly active users. Don’t be mistaken, Instagram is a strong contender and is linked to Facebook the biggest platform out there at the moment.

Share videos, images, create stories and connect by linking and commenting on all these features on the app. You can also make a business profile just like Facebooks business pages, and these can merry up and use the same information meaning you can simutaniously sync your information on both platforms.

Use a 3rd party scheduler to post your images and videos on this social media platform. We personally use either Hootsuite or Buffer.

Businesses should use this app regardless of what business they own. Even if your business is not image-based. You can have regular stories and updates on your Instagram stories. You can also show off new services or products, invite ones to online events and networking events, show the progression of your business and team members who work for you. The list is endless.

Instagram logo.

7- TikTok our recent contender that has massively grown throughout the #lockdown in Britain and other countries. A month they have 800 million active users, which has made them one of the biggest trends at the moment.

How can your business use TikTok to get ahead of the competition?

– Create your own content on TikTok! Be authentic and use your phone as many are using what they have to create amazing and funny content. Reveal your own brand’s true personality, users will then be able to trust and connect with your business.

– Pets and children are the things that are appealing to a younger audience, get them to laugh and that is half the battle

– Add music and effects to dazzle your audience and performance. You will not have to pay for the feature of having popular music on your TikTok videos.

– Share your videos, type a description for your video, add hashtags, @ your friends, add links, decide who can see your video, save the video to an album, and to your phone or computer and share on your other social media profiles.

-Advertise on TikTok as a brand takeover which will appear before letting them move onto other users’ content. Native ads that play between user content.

Sponsored hashtag challenges where you can post your business’s new challenge on the discover page for millions to see and possibly partake in.

Branded lenses is a designed TikTok filter related to your business, which is available for 10 days for TikTok users to use.

Have TikTok influencers as they can talk about your product in a TikTok video, post about your products, services, and business in the video description, and link your brand in the description to your TikTok page or business website.

TikTok logo.

8- Tumblr still has 371 million monthly user visits to our surprise. You can use this site to post quotes, text, photos, links, videos, and more.

The types of posts that you could do can be as random from posting your cat to a fashion shoot in your living room.

Tumblr logo.

9- Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users, and can help you reply quickly and efficiently to customers and clients’ questions. You can also give fast and quick updates to these ones as well.

How can businesses effectively use Twitter?

– Identify influencers and engage with them to get seen by potential customers or clients.

– Use Twitter cards to make sure you can see the full image when viewing the post.

– Build your audience by linking your twitter to your website page.

– Inviting new email subscribers to follow your Twitter profile.

– Put your social profiles on your content such as blogs.

– Add click-to-tweets to your content.

– Pin your best tweets at the top of your page for higher engagement.

– Retweet your own tweets for more engagment or ephasis on your words.

– Use relevant keywords and get involved in conversations.

– Use promoted tweets, tweet more content than offers.

Twitter logo on an iPhone.

10- Reddit comes in at number 10 with 330 million monthly active users commonly known as the front page of the internet. Here you can ask questions, answer questions regarding your niche, and vote on the answers you get for your question or other user questions.

11- LinkedIn have 303 million monthly active users due to being a business platform. Industry experts share content, network with each other, and build their personal business brand.

How can your business utilise this platform?

– Post industry trends, how-tos, and thought-leadership content as this will show you at the top of your niche.

– Make use of the analyics provided to help your reach.

– Use data to find the best time to post to be able to target your audience.

– Use images and videos to mix up your content.

– Schedule 1 post per weekday to gain engagement.

– Study other Company Pages, so you can see what you can do what they have not thought of yet.

– Optimize your Company Page for search, make it public.

– Help your colleagues help you promote your brand, ask them to add your business to their profile.

– Explore LinkedIn ads to gain knowledge and insight.

Linkedin logo.

12- Snapchat has 301 millon monthly active users even though being made in 2011 it is stil going strong with their self destruct in 10 seconds or less snaps.

Use these tips in your business to get ahead of the competition.

– Post to your story often with behind the scenes, new products, orders etc.

– Promote your snapchat account on other marketing channels and your website.

– Create a sponsored lens for your business such as your brand’s logo, or a mascot. Make sure this is funny and entertaining.

– Have social influencers take over your account, get them to advertise your products as they already have a following and can expand yours.

– Feature user-generated content, this helps push your content as cutomers and clients can see your products are used and definately worth the money.

– Offer discounts and promo codes.

– Takeover another account, influtrate your business to their followers to gain more of a following. But make sure your content is engaging and consistant.

– Exclusive access to your followers!

– Reply to your followers from your snap stories and messages.

– Promote an upcoming event on an advert!

– Drive traffic to your website to get more engagement to your brand.

– What are your businesses improtant milestones? Let your customers and clients know.

– Mix up your content by using all the Snapchat filters to enhance your content, make it interesting!

Snapchat logo on white iPhone.

13- And lastly Pinterest with 291 million monthly active users, even though not advertising themselves as a social media platform they are still considered one by the general public.

Help customers and clients see useful informative information that relates to your industry’s niche and draw them back to your website’s blogs.

Help users to be inspired to try or buy new things, your business can do this by creating content to fit with these tips.

– Create captivating content make your image cover on canva or another type of design software.

– Pin consistently!

– Plan ahead for seasonal content, for example, wedding season, weather changes, events, etc.

– Use boards to connect with other pinners who want to follow your niche.

– Create a content strategy that delivers information and informative content. Make sure you follow this funnel structure.

Awareness, interest, decision, action. This is how your customers should follow through on your content.

– Target the right pinners with tailor-made ads.

– Make it easy for pinners to shop on your profile!

Pinterest app on black iPhone.

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