Are you needing a little success now in your business?

We have 10 tips from Jamie Beaton who shares ten lessons that have led to him to his success in a Ted talk.

  • Don’t finish your plate –

You don’t have to see things through to the end if they’re not beneficial. Look for ways too maximise your outcome and not just trying to finish it all, which can then be detrimental.

  • Burn up tail risk

Tail risk is small probability events that can have a big impact. What are the tail risks that can throw you off course? Figure out what they are and minimise them.

  • Play strategic games

These games require understanding of how to use resources, time management and strategic methods of play. When is comes to your business, having the experience of doing these things under pressure but in a secure environment will help you.

  • Know someone before you meet them

It is always better to be prepared than to wing it. For example, if you are going into an interview find out a bit about the interviewer and their views and stand points. When you do this, you’ll have context on why they say and do things.

  • Compete like China

In two days in Shanghai there are more students that have achieved a perfect SAT score than there are in Australia in two months. Tutoring is usually used as a method to help you catch up when you’re falling behind, but in China it is just a basic part of their educational life. No matter how smart you are if someone is working twice as hard as you its is almost impossible to keep up. You are competing in a global marketplace, so you need to work with the intensity and aggression of China.

  • Ask!

Ask, bang down doors, for those opportunities because they’re not just going to land on your plate. Find those opportunities because if you just take what you’re given you’ll never get anywhere. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because no one is perfect, and everyone needs help at some point.

  • Treat rules as cost-benefit decisions, not restrictions

Stick to the code you’ve put in place and keep consistent. Every rule should align with your integrity. When you see a rule analyse the cost, the benefits, and the risk of it. Uber built their company on a controversial way of a taxi service and they rebuilt the rules by doing that.

  • Don’t disclose your strategy until it’s too late

Short term gratification is all good and well, but it destroys your ability to create long term value. The more you tell people your game plan the more they have the upper hand. Take a long-term view and keep your cards to yourself.

  • Perception is reality

When something rises in value temporarily that usually drives real value and make it go higher. If you are perceived to be a high value company or person then you will get more customers.

  • Timelines are fictional

The guidelines are artificial. Many things can be completed before their timeline. If someone says something should be done two months, you will complete is it two months but if someone says it can be done in two days, you will complete it in that time span. Timelines are used to create structure, but they do not always work for everyone.

These are tools that have been very helpful and hopefully they help you out as well.

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